Your True Self is Waiting...

Somatic healing AND spiritual healing, when combined, can ​literally change the way you heal, and shift your whole reality...

But let’s be real. Inner healing might not be a top priority. There’s a million other things ​demanding your attention, and you have no idea where to start...

But I do.

I’ve witnessed a holistic approach radically heal and ​empower many others, and I want the same for YOU.

I have been through my own search for tools that actually WORK to heal my own ​cPTSD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. And after more than a decade of trials ​and errors, I have collected only the BEST resources that I now want to share with ​those who are ready to embrace life again.

So I’m cutting through all the fluff out there to give you only the best strategies, ​techniques, and scientific know how that has helped thousands of people heal their ​adversity in incredible, unique-to-you ways- WITHOUT it being so hard and painful.

This is your moment of true change, the dawn of your healing era where you say, ​“F*ck Yes,” to the happiness and peace you want in life.

And I can’t wait to help you exceed your wildest dreams.

What is calling to you?

Tune in. Breathe. And explore which path is meant for you...

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Medicine of Emotions

Gain emotional wisdom | Deepen authentic connection | Expand into joy

About the course

This self-led course is for the people who are ready to get curious about their emotional landscape, who want the step-by-step map to traversing their inner world, and who are willing to shift their whole mindset, their whole reality, through the understanding of themselves on the deepest level possible.

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Sacred Soma

Find presence and ease by befriending the body

Heal your traumatized nervous system, Mind, and gut

About the course

If you have been disconnected from your body and its integral wisdom, have trauma and old patterns that need releasing, and you wish to finally embrace a time for rest and repair, honor the rhythms of your inner world, and learn how to heal many aspects of your body from chronic stress and trauma, then this course was made for you.

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Inner Architect

unveil the blueprint of adversity | create a foundation of autonomy | build up deservingness | learn true self-devotion

About the course

In this introductory self-study course, I teach you EXACTLY how to release your trauma and shame, expand your capacity to handle various stressors & complex emotions, and know how to best to move forward in a self-devoted, self-empowered way.

I give you all the tools to holistically heal and become your best resource for power and peace.

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Self Healer’s Meditation Bundle

17 Meditations| instant downloads | lifetime access | Holistic Healing | mind-body connection

About this deal

I have created and combined these exact meditations to allow you to access healing at every level- body, mind, emotion, and spirit.The framework for each is unique, transformative and empowering, allowing you to find the truest answers from your heart, tune into that knowing with conscious embodiment, and reclaim your sense of inner power.

If you’re ready to do the inner excavation necessary for true change and healing, then this is the product for YOU.


some potent gifts from me to you <3

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This is the perfect meditation to start your day. Even if you have very little time or are at low capacity, you can do this meditation to soothe your nervous system, relax your mind, and set the right energy and intention for your day.

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Abundance mindset is not simply about attracting money, although it can certainly help ;) With this powerful meditation, you are able to fully tap into what it means to be abundant and feel deserving of all that you desire.

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During this meditation, you welcome your child self into your heart, allow them to feel loved and understood, release any burdens or stuck energy they may be carrying, and learn how you can make them feel cared for in your daily life.

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Learn all about your body's unique guidance system while using the indispensable somatic practices and journal prompts within to begin listening to the wisdom of your body today.

Cole's Holistic Viewpoint

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The Physical

When we experience a traumatic event or even perceive something as a threat, our body goes through a whole host of physical reactions. We often still carry those responses with us long after the traumatic event. My first goal with any client and student is to get you feeling safe on a physical level. I help you to expand your capacity for a deep physical knowing of safety, vulnerability, trust, and deservingness through embodiment and somatic healing.

The Mental

There are many ways in which we hold stories, beliefs, ideas, thought patterns because they helped us feel safe at one point or another. And when they aren't reinvestigated and properly released, they start to become maladaptive and destructive to our current reality. I safely lead you into these subconscious realms where you can make peace with these parts of yourself and begin to rebuild your beliefs with understanding, love, and acceptance.

The Energetic

Trauma and negative experiences can, over time, leave our energy severely out of balance and our trauma remains stuck inside of us as an energetic charge itself, affecting our health and wellbeing long after the initial experience. If this imbalance goes unaddressed, it could lead to unhealthy cycles, behaviors, and states of mind. I teach you how to work with energetics and the chakras to identify any energy loops or emotional patterns and clear what is stuck or no longer serves you.

want a full-time guide? Hello, I’m...

Cole Rom

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When you get indiviudalized, holistic ​healing with me, that's when your healing ​gets a lot less hard and much more fun.

Instead of shaming yourself into ​journaling (even though you hate ​journaling) or forcing yourself to meditate ​(even though your mind always wanders ​because it’s SO BORED), you learn to ​actually listen to your body's wisdom and ​your divine inner Self, AND know exactly ​what it is you need to do in that moment.

You get tools and resources and advice so ​cultivated and tailored to you, you'd think ​that I've known you for years (I mean, ​maybe in a past life...)

When you integrate the wisdom of the ​body, mind, heart, and soul, you become a ​version of yourself that you assumed was ​years and years of "healing" away.

Working on yourself doesn't have to be ​hard, inaccessible, time consuming.

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